We are all family, and the planet is our home

Our Eco-friendly Initiatives

At Ohana Industries, we value the importance of a green and pollution free planet at a primary level. We continue to evolve with our efforts to do our part in reducing the air pollution, an effective waste management process, healthy water recycle system and reducing other noise and health hazards to both the planet as well as our Industrial workers.

With the change in lifestyle over period, the consumption of fossil fuels in both domestic and industry heating has increased significantly over the years. This has sadly resulted in the increase of Carbon dioxide emission to the atmosphere fuelling the pace of global warming and causing other environmental impacts.

Expanded Polystyrene Blocks (EPS Blocks) are effective thermal insulation material that are helps you to reduce the emission of Carbon dioxide to the atmosphere by a great extent and reduce environmental impact due to industrial heating.

By using EPS Blocks, we can cut down Carbon dioxide emissions by 50%. Manufacturing EPS blocks again does not require same amount of energy used in other standard heating equipment.

EPS blocks also comes in with extended lifetime and the performance of the blocks does not deteriorate during the lifetime. This helps in further saving the energy consumption over the long-run.

At Ohana we ensure that key environmental metrics are well within control.

Ozone Depletion Potential – It can be defined as ability of a molecule of refrigerant to destroy the Ozone layer. The refrigerants use R11 as a datum reference and has a value of 1.0. Lesser the value of ODP, better it is for ozone layer and environment. We ensure that we maintain it well within control and be environmentally friendly.

Global Warming Potential – This is related to CO2 emissions and how it impacts the environment. Hence, lower the value of GWP, better it is for environment. This metric is usually measured over a 100 year period. One of the factors that would increase the GWP is due  to HCFC/CFC compound. At Ohana we ensure that we have it under control with a GWP value less than 5 (GWP < 5)

Ohana’s Expanded polystyrene insulation material is manufactured by using “pentane” as a blowing agent.  “Pentane” is environment friendly and does not impact Ozone depletion potential & Global Warming Potential metric as it is free CFC (Chlorine, Fluorine, Carbon) & HCFC (Hydrogen, Chlorine, Fluorine, Carbon).